Strategic advice

RS Energy helps the largest energy and engineering companies in Europe to achieve and define their intended results and strategic goals. We facilitate making the right business decisions tailored to the current market needs. The scope of projects in which our specialists took part allows us to draw on experience from the largest and most technically complicated practices in the country and abroad. Our experience shows that the most effective method of support in making decisions is close cooperation with the company and its employees.

Advice on the implementation of investments

We help to effectively pass through the project using the competences gained on both sides of the investment process. We offer management support (procedures, standards, their implementation and audit), scheduling service, cost analysis, risk analysis supporting the investor / project manager in planning and monitoring investments. We propose assistance of professional consultants and specialists with many years of experience in the implementation of infrastructure contracts, including:

  • certified Project Managers,
  • construction managers and designers with the license of many industries,
  • welding work managers with the license,
  • specialists with knowledge in the field of environmental protection,
  • cost estimators with experience in estimating and accounting for linear projects.

We carry out audits of the status of works in terms of correctness of the course and assessment of the chance of successful completion, including knowledge of the practices and standards used by the largest energy market participants. For clients from the public and private sectors implementing infrastructure investments, we offer support in defining investments and ordering services of implementation and investment management.

Technical advice

Continuous contact with the project implementation technology gives us the facilities to choose economically effective methods of project implementation. We have knowledge of legal aspects (approvals, permissions) which allows us to provide substantive support for companies in the selection of materials and performance techniques. We specialize in technology consulting regarding materials, equipment and gas transmission devices.


We have many years of experience in coordinating, implementing and verifying key projects for the domestic and foreign market. We deal with design, technical and cost estimation of documentation for gas pipelines, line and other infrastructure facilities.

Deliveries of materials and equipment for the energy industry

We provide advice on purchases and delivery organisation. We conduct ongoing discussions with potential suppliers of materials and equipment. Thanks to the knowledge of industry, we conduct trade negotiations taking into account the best interest of the partner, and we also support the promotion of new products on the market.

Substitute investment

We offer substitute investor services and investor’s supervision in accordance with legal requirements. We have a database of proven subcontractors and people assigned to conduct investor’s supervision, as well as managing construction works from Poland and Europe. We represent the investor in administrative and legal matters and obtaining the necessary formal and legal decisions during the construction process.